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Moose Lake DFA and RFE Memo (7-3-2019) - MLIA (pdf)


Update: July 6, 2019

MLIA RFE Presentation Outline Rev1 (pdf)


Ellen Faulkner Presentation: July 6, 2019

Ayres-Presentation (pdf)



The MLIA committee pursuing a new RFE (Regulatory Flood Elevation) for the lake was advised on Tuesday, April 2nd, that Ayres and Associates had completed their Dam Failure Study for the new Moose Lake Dam that was constructed in 2015. (As you recall, our revised RFE will roll out of the dam failure study)

Ayres is in the process of preparing their report to present to Xcel Energy and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sometime in mid to late April.

After WDNR receives the report, they will review it for compliance and either accept it as presented or request additional revisions before approving it.

When it is approved by the WDNR it will be passed on to Sawyer County and the new Moose Lake RFE will be adopted for use by the County. After the County adopts it, it will be regarded as the “best available local data” and respected by both FEMA and the Flood Insurance Consultants using the WDNR Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

The preliminary results of the study confirm that the Moose Lake RFE will be revised downwards, but Ayres cannot confirm the exact reduction until after the WDNR completes their review and approval of the study.

Ayres also confirmed, that the "Lake Slope Study" we thought might be a cost not covered in the Dam Failure Study (that Moose Lake property owners would be responsible for) was indeed a part of their Dam Failure Study, so the cost of the new RFE will probably be completely covered by Xcel Energy.

The above is the MLIA’s (Committee for pursuing the revised RFE’s) understanding of the current status and we will advise further when we obtain additional information.

Important Flood Plain Information

Moose Lake Flood Plain (pdf)


More Moose Lake Elevation Maps

The first map provides information for lowering the RFE from the current 1377 feet to 1374 feet
and the second, from the current 1377 feet to 1375 feet.  

As these files contain a lot of data, they may be slow to load.  Please be patient.  

MooseElevation 1374 (pdf)


MooseElevation 1375 (pdf)


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