I just wanted to let you know, that the revised Regulatory Flood Elevation for the lake was officially approved last week by the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors.

The old Regulatory Flood Elevation of 1,377' has now been revised to 1,371.5', a reduction of 5.5', which will remove the vast majority of the structures on the lake from the flood zone. Anyone currently paying for flood insurance should be able to get their lender to drop that requirement based on this new RFE.

When buying, selling or transferring property on the lake where a mortgage lender is involved, a Letter of Map Amendment will still be required. With the new RFE of 1,371.5 in place, very few people will have an issue securing one that proves their structures are not in the flood plain. (thus allowing sales and transfers to close smoothly)

Land Use Permits for new construction and extensive remodels will also be much easier to secure from the Sawyer County Zoning Department based on the lower RFE.

The MLIA Board started working on getting the RFE revised 16 months ago and it's nice to see the requested revision finally be officially approved.

See the official notice below.

Tom Koehler

President, Moose Lake Improvement Association.

Approved at the 1/16/2020 Sawyer County Supervisors Meeting:

EXHIBIT A Proposed Zoning Ordinance Revision/ Amendment Moose Lake Dam Failure Analysis, prepared by Aryres Associates on May 31, 2019; WDNR Field File Number 57.03. The Dam Failure map dated April 16, 2019 and titled "Hydraulic Shadow (Sheet 1 and 2)", Dam Failure profiles dated April 12, 2019 and titled "Plan: 2014 100 Yr 48 Hr Dam Fails", and floodway data table dated April 16, 2019 and titled, "Hydraulic Shadow Floodway Data". Approved by Department of Natural Resources: June 5, 2019 should be used. Located in ZA's Office. Sawyer County Zoning Committee Public Hearing: December 20, 2019 Adopted by the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors: January 16, 2020

The NEW Moose Lake Flood Plain Map for download

2020 Moose Lake Flood Elevation (pdf)


Ellen Faulkner Presentation: July 6, 2019

Ayres-Presentation (pdf)


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